Erasmus students incoming

Erasmus students are very welcome to take PPPA’s courses and to attend classes.

Erasmus students are allowed to take PPPA’s exams with the specific number of credits that best fits their study plan.

This is how it works:

  • You should contact the instructor of the course you intend to take and signal that you would need to arrange a specific exam program covering a certain number of credits
  • If the instruct is available to devise a suitable program, you can include the exam with the required number of credits in your study plan on your personal UNIMIA page
  • You enrol for the exam (even if the number of credits is different from the one you agreed with the instructor)
  • Once the exam is passed and the instructor has registered you mark, the exam will figure in your career at UNIMI with the correct number of credits
Further information

For further information, please, visit International Mobility section on university website or contact: