Language proficiency

SLAM - University of Milan Language Centre manages 3-credit Advanced Language proficiency tests in French, German and Spanish for the Master's degree programme in Politics, Philosophy and Public Affairs.

The required levels are the following:

  • French: B2
  • German: B1
  • Spanish: B2

Students who already hold a language certificate among those accepted by the University, earned for no more than 3 years at the time of submission and at a level equal to or higher than that required, can ask for its validation by uploading it through the InformaStudenti platform, 'language test' category.

Students who do not hold a valid language certificate will have to sit an entry-level test in one of the languages they have chosen. Tests take place between October and in February.

Each student can sit the test in the chosen language only once per academic year, i.e. the test can be sat again in the following academic year.

Students who pass the test at the required level will receive the corresponding language assessment credits, according to their degree programme.

Those who fail the test by reaching the level just below the one required will have to attend a 20-hour language course. Courses take place in the third trimester and attendance is compulsory. At the end of the course, students have to take an end-of-course test. In order to be admitted to the end-of-course test, students must have attended at least 75% of classes. Those who do not attend the required number of classes will not be admitted to the end-of-course test, but they can take the entry-level test again during the first trimester of the following year.

University Language Centre - Slam
Via Santa Sofia 11


It is important to consult your email inbox regularly, where all official university notices will be sent.

How to register

Students can register for the test through their Unimia personal account.

Students with disabilities or SLDs

Students with disabilities or with Specific Learning Disabilities (SLDs) must contact SLAM through the InformaStudenti Service in order to receive special arrangements and support for the test (students with disabilities: 50% more extra time; students with SLDs: 30% more extra time).

Further Language Assessment Tests

The language tests last about one hour and include grammar and vocabulary, reading comprehension and listening questions. Questions include multiple-choice, short answers, drag and drop and true or false formats.

Test Calendar

Tests are taking place according to the relevant calendar. Registration is available online via the exam registration service on Unimia - 'Exam Registration' section. Registrations open about one month prior to the test date.